War games - Defending the Atlantic against Russia?

NATO exercise

Article by Francesco Cappello, from his site Sow Questions

NATO's political correspondent for the European Union, Thomas Gutschker, announced, from the pages of Frankfurter Allgemeine, the launch of the NATO military exercise Steadfast Defender 2021 (Resolute Defender). The article has a very explanatory title: Defend the Atlantic against Russia.

Russia would be threatening the Atlantic and here NATO is preparing by practicing to bring American troops, to the rescue of the countries 30 countries of the European alliance, in anticipation of a military attack from Russia and / or China (1). It is therefore necessary to practice NATO's ability to defend sea lines of communication between North America and Europe. The exercise is first taking place at sea, off the Portuguese coast, and then move to the mainland in the coming weeks.

HMS Queen Elizabeth.jpg
HMS Queen Elizabeth

During the exercise, the vice admiral Keith Blount visited the new British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth fresh from the recent NATO exercise in the Mediterranean in view of the mission that will see it involved in the South China Sea. In the Pacific it grows, indeed, the tension with China around the area's sea routes.
Steadfast Defender 2021 is an exercise that involves in addition to the British aircraft carrier twenty other military ships e 9.000 troops of 20 NATO allies and members. The goal is for NATO forces to learn to work together as best they can, ready to respond to any threat from any direction.
The exercise also extends to the Black Sea region. The US plays across the board by unifying Europe under its military political yoke while processes of political disintegration appear to be taking place at the expense of the European Union.

This is how he expresses himself Steve Moorhouse, commander and captain of the British aircraft carrier: “our ability to defend NATO allies will be exercised wherever a threat arises (…) It shows that we are a global navy and that we want to get back out there. The goal for us is that this deployment will be part of a more persistent presence for the UK in that region ". The reference to the Indo-Pacific which includes India and Australia is clear. Great Britain reaffirms itself as a faithful ally of the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan and at the same time the main European military power together with France.
From Europe, in the Indo Pacific, passing through the Middle East and Belarus, the hot areas return to inflame a large part of the planet in line with the strategy developed by Rand Corporation aimed at forcing the opponent to extend excessively to unbalance him and knock him down according to the plan Overextending and Unbalancing Russia. (you see Rand Corp.: how to bring down Russia at M. Dinucci). The UK post Brexit now deals with individual member states as of Germany, France and Italy in search of a new international position that defines modestly “Global Britain”. The The Guardian, reports on bilateral discussions on cooperation in the defense sector.

In the following video it is reiterated that "NATO's purpose is to preserve peace and security in Europe and North America in order to defend nearly one billion NATO citizens from all threats. Our safety is the basis of what we care about most: our democracy, our prosperity and our freedom. The article 5 it means that the attack on one member of the alliance is equivalent to an attack on all members of the alliance to which we will respond. To keep our nation safe, in an unpredictable world, we keep our alliance. This tutorial has three objectives: the first, strengthen the transatlantic link between North American and European security; The second one, verify the ability to move our military in Europe wherever necessary and finally the exercise will serve to implement the response readiness of our armed forces“.

Art. 5 but remember that US-led NATO, from 1991, in the case of Iraq, of Yugoslavia, of Libya and following ushered in a new "defense" model more consistent with the logic of humanitarian and preventive wars that were launched without the country victim of US-NATO aggression attacking any member of the alliance. Our country has thus started to systematically violate Article 11 of the Constitution, adopting a new military and foreign policy of aggression conducted to the detriment of their neighbors, agreeing to project its strength and offensive capacity outside the territory of the Alliance, throughout the enlarged Mediterranean area, for the declared purpose of “protection of national interests, wherever necessary ".
We remember, for our reminder, that war casualties over the past seventy years have been from 3 to 400000 per year, for seventy years. This is the real number of deaths caused by the US-NATO pairing. A fake peace made up of real wars, coups d'etat and subversive operations of various kinds, carried out on a global scale, from 45 to today. Twenty - thirty million killed, the overall budget, to multiply by 10, if the wounded were to be included in the count, avoiding, however, to mention the hundreds of millions of victims caused by the indirect effects of wars: famines, epidemic, forced migrations, slavery and exploitation, environmental damage, subtraction of resources from vital needs to cover military expenses. The terrible balance is the result of a detailed report research by historian James A. Lucas appeared in Global Research.

The Alliance has returned to practice as during the Cold War, adding to the traditional scope of art. 5 of the Atlantic Treaty or the deterrence on Russia, the defense of the European space and commitment to international missions, starting from Afghanistan, new challenges. Challenges that the Atlantic Alliance is learning to face. For this purpose, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense of the NATO countries, they are involving teams of young university students to outline with their help how NATO should be in the next decade. “NATO 2030”, conceives and pursues novel strategies to respond to hybrid threats ranging from climate change to new technologies, such as hypersonic, the 5G, artificial intelligence, i Big data, cybersecurity and health security, in short, the kind of threats that, if they were missing, would have to be invented ...

(1) Russia is gleefully accused of “Irresponsible and destabilizing behavior, illegal annexation of Crimea, massing of military forces on the border with Ukraine, use of chemical weapons to poison opponents, malicious activities to undermine the democratic systems of other countries, threat to the rules-based international order ".

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