April 2020

The last important message of Giulietto Chiesa

The last important words of Giulietto Chiesa at the international conference “Let's get rid of the war virus” of 25 April, I'm for Julian Assange's freedom, for freedom of information and to denounce the censorship of…

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Giulietto Chiesa, a man who loved peace


up to the last at the forefront of the fight to implement the Article 11 of the Constitution, to bring Italy out of the war system Giulietto Chiesa died a few hours after concluding, on the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation e…

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The Ministry of Truth

Collective video appeal against internet censorship and in favor of freedom of expression. PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO ANY OTHER ACCOUNT, otherwise the views disperse. Instead, circulate this link: https://youtu.be/mvDrRYvqBfo. Thank you.

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