The Florence Declaration

The risk of a great war that, with the use of nuclear weapons it could spell the end of humanity, it is real and it is increasing, even if it is not perceived by public opinion kept in the dark about the impending danger.

The utmost effort to get out of the war system is vital. This raises the question of whether Italy and other European countries belong to NATO.

NATO is not an alliance. It is an organization under the command of the Pentagon, whose purpose is the military control of Western and Eastern Europe.

US bases in NATO member countries serve to occupy those countries, maintaining a permanent military presence there that allows Washington to influence and control their politics and prevent real democratic choices.

NATO is a war machine that works for the interests of the United States, with the complicity of the major European power groups, committing crimes against humanity.

The war of aggression waged by NATO in 1999 against Yugoslavia it opened the way for the globalization of military interventions, with the war against Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other countries, in complete violation of international law.

These wars are financed by the member countries, whose military budgets are constantly growing at the expense of social spending, to support colossal military programs such as the US nuclear one from 1.200 billions of dollars.

The USA, violating the Non-Proliferation Treaty, deploy nuclear weapons in 5 Non-nuclear NATO states, with the false motivation of the "Russian threat". In this way they put the security of Europe at stake.

To get out of the war system that harms us more and more and exposes us to the imminent danger of a great war, we must leave NATO, affirming the right to be sovereign and neutral states.

It is thus possible to contribute to the dismantling of NATO and every other military alliance, the reconfiguration of the assets of the entire European region, to the formation of a multipolar world in which the aspirations of peoples for freedom and social justice are realized.

We propose the creation of an international NATO EXIT front in all European NATO countries, building a grassroots organizational network capable of sustaining the very hard struggle to achieve this vital goal for our future.


Florence (Italy), 7 April 2019

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