June 2020

NATO at the helm of Italian foreign policy

Manlio Dinucci The NATO defense ministers (for Italy Lorenzo Guerini, Democratic Party, PD), gathered in videoconference on 17/18 June, have taken a series of "decisions to strengthen the Alliance's deterrence". Nessuno però in Italia ne

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Facebook encircles Africa

Manlio Dinucci Many industries and service companies are going bankrupt or downsizing due to the lockdown and the consequent crisis. Instead, there are those who have gained from all this. Facebook, Google (YouTube owner), Microsoft, Apple…

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Russia's renewed nuclear strategy will remain defensive

By Vladimir Kozin © Vladimir Kozin, correspondent and member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Kozin participated in the CNGNN Italy and Global Research Conference in Florence on April 7 2019 and…

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