Draghi's government, for whom the bell rings


Manlio Dinucci (Il Manifesto, 16 February 2021)

With the traditional bell ceremony, the handover between Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi took place at Palazzo Chigi. While waiting to verify what the political program of the new multipartisan government will be, supported by almost the entire parliamentary arc, guidelines can be envisaged through the curricula of some ministers and the Prime Minister. The fact that at the Defense and the Foreign Affairs Ministries have been reconfirmed Roberto Guerini (Democratic Party, PD) and Luigi Di Maio (5 Stars) indicates that the Draghi government will further strengthen "Atlantism", which is Italy's NATO membership under US command. The last acts of the two ministers in the previous government are emblematic.

Guerini went to the aircraft carrier Cavour, flagship of the Italian military Navy, which sailed from Taranto to the United States where it will acquire certification to operate with Lockheed Martin's 5th generation F-35B fighters. After reiterating that "the transatlantic relationship with the United States - a great nation with which our country has a deep bond - plays an essential role for Italy", the minister underlined that "Italy will become one of the few countries in the world, together with the United States, Great Britain and Japan, to express an aircraft carrier capability with 5th generation combat aircraft ". Above all thanks to the Leonardo group, the largest Italian war producer, which participates in the construction of the F-35s. Di Maio, in the wake of the US / NATO strategy, went to Riyadh where he signed a memorandum of understanding of "strategic dialogue" with Saudi Arabia, the absolute monarchy that the Leonardo group assists in the use of Eurofighter Typhoon fighters that are bombing Yemen, also providing drones to identify targets to attack, and for which it builds warships of the most advanced type in the United States.

The same Leonardo group reappears in the curriculum of physicist Roberto Cingolani, put at the helm of the new "super-ministry" (requested by Grillo) for the Ecological Transition: Cingolani, specialized in nanotechnology and robotics, since 2019 has been in charge of the technology and innovation department of the Leonardo group, "a Global player in Aerospace, Defense and Security ", increasingly integrated into the gigantic US military-industrial complex. The 30% shareholding of the group is owned by the Ministry of Economic Development, that will be headed by Giancarlo Giorgetti, number two of the League Party and right arm of Matteo Salvini. Defined as an "accountant", he will take care of managing 30 billions of euros already allocated by his Ministry for military purposes and the other 25 provided by the Recovery Fund, to bring Italian military spending from 26 to 36 billions per year as requested by the US and NATO. A task that will also be entrusted to the new Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, former general manager of the Bank of Italy, officially a public law institution, in whose capital participate 160 banks and pension funds.

In the new government, "technicians" have more power than "politicians". Mario Draghi's curriculum demonstrates this above all: from executive director of the World Bank in Washington to director of the Treasury Ministry in Rome where he has been the architect of the privatizations of the major Italian public companies, as vice president of US Goldman Sachs (one of the largest business banks in the world) as governor of the Bank of Italy and as president of the European Central Bank. Draghi is at the same time one of the protagonists of the Group of Thirty, a powerful international organization of financiers, based in Washington, created in 1978 by the Rockefeller Foundation.

It therefore strengthens, with the Draghi government, the power of the military industrial complex and high finance, with a further loss of the principles of sovereignty and repudiation of war enshrined in the Italian Constitution. If it not so, the Ministry of Ecological Transition should begin its activity by eliminating the greatest threat to our living environment: US nuclear weapons installed in Italy.

(Il Manifesto, 16 February 2021)

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