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Fourth episode of the Pangea Wide Angle broadcast, aired on the tv channel Byoblu on 16/07/2021.

The US is building the second US Aegis Ashore missile installation in Europe at the Redzikowo base in Poland, after that of Deveselu in Romania. There are also four US ships equipped with the same missile system, that cross in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Baltic Sea close to the Russian territory. The official function of these US bases and ships is to protect, with the "shield" of interceptor missiles, US forces in Europe and those of NATO's European allies from "current and emerging threats of ballistic missiles from outside the Euro-Atlantic area".

Both Aegis ships and land-based installations are equipped with vertical Mk 41 of Lockheed Martin which - documents the manufacturing company itself - can launch not only interceptor missiles but also attack missiles. The latter can also be armed with nuclear warheads. Not being able to control, Moscow assumes that nuclear attack missiles are also in the launchers. Same scenario in East Asia, where Aegis warships of the US Seventh Fleet cross in the South China Sea. In such a situation, no wonder Russia is accelerating the deployment of new ICBMs, with nuclear warheads gliding at hypersonic speed, and that China is building over 100 new silos for nuclear-warhead ICBMs.

The only way out of this increasingly dangerous situation is indicated by the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, so far signed by 86 States and ratified by 54. None of the 30 countries of NATO and the 27 of the EU (except Austria) he ratified it and not even signed it. In Europe only Austria joined, Ireland, Malta, San Marino and the Holy See. None of the nine nuclear countries - the United States, Russia, France, Great Britain, Israel, China, Pakistan, India, North Korea - has ratified it and not even signed it.

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