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Third episode of the Pangea Wide Angle broadcast, aired on the tv channel Byoblu on 09/07/2021.

One billion e 600 millions of children and young people, corresponding to 94 percent of the world school population, they stayed out of school in 2020 following lockdowns. Today again, circa 700 millions are still at home in a situation of enormous uncertainty. They are the ones who have the least chance of accessing distance learning materials and going back to school.

Adding to this global shock to education systems is the impact of the global economic crisis, also caused by lockdowns, which reduced the incomes of the majority of families. The situation is aggravated by cuts in public spending on education. As a result, school drop-out increases in the most disadvantaged social strata. The prolonged closure of schools, combined with the economic crisis, it is an unprecedented double shock for education.

Due to early school leaving and worsening of education, in America Latina, Asia and Africa hundreds of millions of children and young people risk being excluded from school forever. Particularly affected are girls and girls, who are more likely to drop out of school, place where they are not only educated, but assisted and protected. As a result, they become more vulnerable to violence and are often forced into marriage at a very young age. Other vulnerable groups are children with disabilities, ethnic minorities, refugees and displaced populations.

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