F-35s bomb Gaza


Manlio Dinucci (Il Manifesto, 18 May 2021)

Israeli Forces spokesman Zilberman, announcing the start of the bombing of Gaza, he specified that "they are taking part in the operation 80 hunting, including the advanced F-35 " (The Times of Israel, 11 May 2021). It is officially the baptism of fire of the fifth generation fighter of the American Lockheed Martin, in whose production Italy also participates as a second-level partner.

Israel, which it has already received from the US 27 F-35, decided last February to buy no more 50 ma 75. To this end, the government has decreed an additional allocation of 9 billions of dollars: 7 coming from the free military "aid" of 28 billion granted by the US to Israel, 2 granted as a loan by the US Citibank.

While Israeli F-35 pilots are being trained by the U.S.. Air Force in Arizona and Israel, the US Army Engineers builds special reinforced hangars for F-35s in Israel, both suitable for maximum protection of ground fighters, and for their rapid take-off when they go to attack. At the same time the Israeli military industries (Israel Aerospace ed Elbit Systems), in close coordination with Lockheed Martin, enhance the hunt, renamed "Adir" (Powerful): especially its ability to penetrate enemy defenses and its range of action, which was almost doubled.

Capabilities certainly not necessary to attack Gaza. Because then the most advanced fifth generation fighters are used against the Palestinians? Because it serves to test the F-35s and pilots in real war action, using Gaza houses as targets on the firing range. It matters little I know, in the target houses, there are whole families.

The F-35A, in addition to the hundreds of fighter-bombers already supplied by the US to Israel, they are designed for nuclear attack, especially with the new B61-12 bomb that the United States, as well as deploying shortly in Italy and other European countries, they will also supply Israel, the only nuclear power in the Middle East, with an arsenal estimated at 100-400 nuclear weapons. If Israel doubles the range of the F-35s and is about to receive from the US 8 Boeing Pegasus tanker aircraft for in-flight refueling of F-35s, it is because he is preparing to launch an attack, also nuclear, against Iran.

The Israeli nuclear forces are integrated into the NATO electronic system, in the framework of the "Individual Cooperation Program" with Israel, country that, despite not being a member of the Alliance, it is integrated with a permanent mission in the NATO headquarters in Brussels. In the same framework, Germany supplied to Israel 6 Dolphin submarines modified for launching nuclear missiles (as Der Spiegel documented in 2012).

Italy's military cooperation with Israel has become the law of the Republic (Law 17 May 2005 n° 94). It establishes cooperation across the board, both among the armed forces and among the military industries, including activities that remain secret because they are subject to the "Security Agreement" between the two parties.

Israel has supplied Italy with the Opsat-3000 satellite, which transmits very high resolution images for military operations in distant war theaters. The satellite is connected to three centers in Italy e, at the same time, to a fourth center in Israel, proof of the ever closer strategic collaboration between the two countries.

Italy supplied Israel 30 Aermacchi fighter of the Leonardo, for the training of pilots. Now he can provide you with a new version, the M-346 FA (Fighter Attack), which - specifies Leonardo - is used at the same time for training and for "ground attack missions with ammunition falling from 500 pounds and precision ammunition capable of increasing the number of targets to be hit at the same time ". The new version of the fighter - underlines Leonardo - is particularly suitable for "missions in urban areas", where heavy fighters "are often used in low-paying missions with high operating costs". Ideal for the next Israeli bombing raids on Gaza, which can be carried out with "a cost per hour of flight that is reduced by up to 80%", and they will be very "paying", that is, they will kill far more Palestinians.

(Il Manifesto, 18 May 2021)

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