Ukraine, US bomb in Europe – VisioneTV interview with Manlio Dinucci

Update on the situation in Ukraine
Update on the situation in Ukraine

VisioneTV interview with Manlio Dinucci on the situation in Ukraine and excerpt from an article of 13 April 2021 by Manlio Dinucci on the Manifesto

F-16 US fighter, sent from the Aviano base, they are engaged in 'complex air operations' in Greece, where the Iniochos exercise began yesterday 21. They belong to the 510th Fighter Squadron based in Aviano, whose role is indicated by the emblem: the symbol of the atom, with three lightnings hitting the earth, flanked by the imperial eagle. Therefore, nuclear attack aircraft are those engaged by the US Air Force in Greece, which he granted in 2020 to the United States the use of all its military bases.

They participate in the Iniochos 21 also F-16 and F-15 fighter-bombers of Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The exercise takes place in the Aegean near the area including the Black Sea and Ukraine, where the Defender-Europe maxi exercise is concentrated 21 of the US Army.

These and other military maneuvers, that make Europe a great parade ground, create growing tension with Russia, focused on Ukraine. NATO, after having disrupted the Yugoslav Federation by inserting the wedge of war into its internal fractures, it now stands as a champion of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The president of the NATO Military Committee, the British Stuart Perch head of the Royal Air Force, meeting with President Zelenskyy and Chief of Staff Khomchak in Kiev, declared that "NATO allies are united in condemning the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia and its aggressive actions in eastern Ukraine".  

He thus repeated the version according to which Russia would have annexed Crimea by force, ignoring that it was the Crimean Russians who decided in a referendum to break away from Ukraine and return to Russia to avoid being attacked, like the Russians of the Donbass, by the neo-Nazi battalions of Kiev. Those used in the 2014 as an assault force in the putsch in Piazza Maidan, triggered by Georgian snipers firing on demonstrators and policemen, and in subsequent actions: villages set on fire, activists burned alive in the Odessa Chamber of Labor, unarmed civilians massacred in Mariupol, bombed with white phosphorus in Donetsk and Lugansk. A bloody coup d'etat under the direction of the US / NATO, with the strategic aim of provoking a new cold war in Europe to isolate Russia and strengthen, at the same time, the influence and military presence of the United States in Europe.

The conflict in the Donbass, whose populations self-organized in the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics with their own people's militia, it went through a period of relative truce with the opening of the Minsk talks for a peaceful solution. But now the Ukrainian government has withdrawn from the talks, on the pretext that he refuses to go to Minsk since Belarus is not a democratic country. At the same time the Kiev forces resumed the armed attacks in the Donbass. Chief of Staff Khomchak, which Stuart Perch praised on behalf of NATO for his "commitment to the search for a peaceful solution to the conflict", declared that the army of Kiev "is preparing for the offensive in eastern Ukraine" and that in this operation "NATO allies are expected to participate".

It is no coincidence that the conflict in the Donbass was rekindled when, with the Biden administration, took over the post of Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Of Ukrainian origin, he was the principal director of the Maidan Square putsch as deputy national security adviser in the Obama-Biden administration. Biden appointed Victoria Nuland as Deputy Secretary of State, in 2014 assistant director of the US operation, cost over 5 billions of dollars, to establish "good governance" in Ukraine (as she herself declared). 

It is not excluded that at this point they have a plan: promote an offensive by the Kiev forces in the Donbass, supported in fact by NATO. It would put Moscow in front of a choice that would still be to Washington's advantage: let the Russian populations of Donbass be massacred, or intervene militarily in their support. It is played with fire, not figuratively, lighting the fuse of a bomb in the heart of Europe.

(the poster, 13 April 2021)

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VisioneTV round table with Manlio Dinucci on Biden who defines Putin as a “criminal”
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