Joe Biden recruits allies

Polish general Adam Joks (To the right) appointed deputy commander of the V Corps of the US Army
Polish general Adam Joks (To the right) appointed deputy commander of the V Corps of the US Army

Manlio Dinucci (Il Manifesto, 6 April 2021)

Joe Biden had announced this in his election program: «While President Trump has abandoned allies and partners, and abdicated the American leadership, as president I will immediately take steps to renew US alliances, and make America, Once again, lead the world " (the poster, 10 November 2020). Promise kept.

The aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower and his battle group, composed of 5 missile launcher units, they "attacked Islamic State positions in Syria and Iraq from the Eastern Mediterranean" since this "claimed responsibility for an attack on Palma in Mozambique". The US Navy officially announced it on 31 March, without explaining how ISIS, defeated in Syria and elsewhere especially following the Russian intervention, reappears now threatening with suspicious punctuality. After launching the attack from the Eastern Mediterranean - area of ​​the naval forces of the European Command of the United States, with headquarters in Naples-Capodichino - the Eisenhower aircraft carrier crossed the 2 April the newly reopened Suez Canal, entering the US Central Command area which includes the Persian Gulf.

Here she joined the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle that, at the request of Washington, took over the 31 March command of the Task Force 50 of the US Central Command, deployed not against Isis but actually against Iran. The fact that Washington has asked Paris to lead a US naval force with its flagship is part of the policy of the Biden presidency., which still maintains control of the chain of command since the Task Force 50 it depends on the US Central Command.

This is confirmed by the Warfighter exercise that, planned by the US Army, is carried out by 6 al 15 April by US divisions, British and French in Fort Hood and Fort Bliss in Texas, a Fort Bragg in North Carolina, e a Grafenwoehr in Germania. In this tutorial, French and British brigades operate within a US division, while US brigades operate within French and British divisions, but always according to the US plan.

The Warfighter complements the large ongoing Defender-Europe exercise 21, that the US Army in Europe and Africa carries out until June together with European and African allies and partners, to demonstrate «the ability of the United States to be a strategic partner in the Balkans and the Black Sea, in the Caucasus, in Ukraine and Africa ".

Take part in Defender-Europe 21 the V Corps of the US Army which, just reactivated at Fort Knox in Kentuky, set up its forward headquarters in Poznan in Poland, from where he commands operations against Russia. The 31 March, on US request, Polish general Adam Joks has been appointed deputy commander of the V Corps of the US Army. "It is the first time - announces the US Embassy in Warsaw - that a Polish general has entered the military command structure of the United States". In other words, General Adam Joks continues to be part of the Polish army but, as deputy commander of the US V Corps, it now depends directly on the chain of command headed by the President of the United States.

The new assistance brigades of the security forces are part of the same policy, special units of the US Army that "organize, train, equip and advise foreign security forces ". They are engaged "in support of a legitimate government authority" in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, currently in the framework of Defender-Europe. They are an effective tool for throwing, with "assistance" coverage, de facto military operations under US command.

This explains why, after a relative respite, the Ukrainian chief of staff, Ruslan Khomchak, declared on April 1 that the Kiev army "is preparing for the offensive in eastern Ukraine", ie against the Russian population of Donbass, also using "territorial defense forces" (like the neo-Nazi regiment Azov), and that in this operation "the participation of NATO allies is expected".

(Il Manifesto, 6 April 2021)

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