Call to arms against Russia and China – ByoBlu interview with Manlio Dinucci

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Monday 15 March interview with Manlio Dinucci – “Call to arms against Russia and China”

The year just ended, marked by the health emergency and the deployment of the Great Reset, it seemed to have disrupted the classic geopolitical reading, the Brzezinski doctrine, which saw the United States committed by all means to avoiding the union between Europe, Russia and China, thus avoiding the birth of an economic space that would compromise its global hegemony. The latest news coming from the United States, however, seems to bring us back to that doctrine. Manlio Dinucci is convinced of this, Journalist, geographer and author of the Pangea program, broadcast on DavveroTV.

“The EU-China Agreement on investments, signed on 30 December by the European Commission, it may not be ratified by MEPs on the allegation that Beijing violates human rights. It is the screen behind which the real reason is hidden: the growing pressure exerted by the United States on Europe to create a coalition against China, according to Dinucci”.

Therefore, with the new Biden presidency, America's foreign policy of containing Russia and China not only would not change, but it would start to become even more aggressive and dangerous. Witness the recent request by Admiral Phil Davidson to Congress: beyond 27 billions of dollars over five years to build a curtain of missile bases and satellite systems around China. Dinucci then reported the recent statements by NATO leaders.

“At the Munich Security Conference, the 19 February, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg reiterated: 'Europe and North America must defend the international order, that China and Russia challenge by trying to rewrite its rules for the benefit of their own interests'. After accusing Russia of 'destabilizing behavior', declared that 'the rise of China is a defining issue for the transatlantic community'”.

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