The United States wants to create a “battlefield network” until the 2028, reaching Georgia, Ukraine, in Poland, the Baltic States and Finland.

The weapons deployed during Defenders 2020 they will remain in special warehouses in Poland and in the Baltic countries. Most weapons will not be returned.

Stars and Stripes wrote (JOHN VANDIVER, 22 January 2020): “During Defender-Europe, that yes runs until July, the Rapid Response Forces of the 82nd Division airborne will try to fight in a country, parachuting on the Republic of Georgia, NATO partner who fought a brief war with Russia in 2008. “

A few days ago Trump has declared that the US military will again be allowed to use the APM, Landmines, because he needs these weapons to win a battle. I think the troops deployed to Europe they will be equipped with these prohibited weapons. The European states signed the mine ban treaty contrary to the United States! The deployment of APM would be an offense to the law and to the sovereignty of European states. These are obliged to stop any transport or other use of APM within their territories.

A brief historical observation: the Suwalki corridor forms part of the demarcation line from which Hitler started the attack on the Soviet Union in 1941. Hitler he also said that Russia was infiltrating across the border eastern Germany. The same lie is used today when politicians talk about the Russian thread.   

Wolf Göhring, Bonn

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