UNAC National Conference

UNAC National Conference

February 21, 22, 23, People’s Forum in New York City

“Rise Against Militarism, Racism and the Climate Crisis – Building Power Together”

To register and for more information, please go here.


Speakers include: Ann Wright (Veterans for Peace and Code Pink), Ajamu Baraka (Black Alliance for Peace), Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report), Kevin Zeese (Popular Resistance and Venezuelan Embassy Protectors), Medea Benjamin (Code Pink), Margaret Flowers (Popular Resistance and Venezuelan Embassy Protectors), Margaret Kimberly (Black Alliance for Peace and Black Agenda Report), Sara Flounders (International Action Center), Jeff Mackler (West Coast UNAC), Rhonda Ramiro (BAYAN USA), Joe Lombardo UNAC co-coordinator), Bahman Azad (US Peace Council), Frank Chapman (National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression), Abby Martin (Journalist and film maker) and more. 

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