• An extermination camp ignored
    by Jean Toschi Marazzani Visconti On November 19, 2019, for the first time outside Serbian territory, a conference on the Croatian extermination camp of Jasenovac – where from June 1941 to the end of the Second World War in 1945, almost one million people were killed in Jasenovac – Jewish, Serbian, Roma men, women and … Read more
  • Will we be able to live the future?
    By Jean Toschi Marazzani Visconti This article was presented at the Alexander Zinoviev Foundation Conference in Moscow on 29 October2019 and published in the book containing all the Conference essays. *** Centuries ago, an old Chinese sage expressed an omen, if not a curse, to one of the first travelers from the West: May you … Read more
  • Join the International Conference against Imperialism Larnaca, Cyprus – March 28-29 2020
    Join the International Conference against Imperialism Larnaca, Cyprus – March 28-29 2020 The need for a clear understanding of the nature of the global imperialist system and the forces that are driving its aggressive policies has now become a prerequisite for the global peace, social justice and environmental movements to forge a unified, coordinated anti-imperialist … Read more
  • UNAC National Conference
    UNAC National Conference February 21, 22, 23, People's Forum in New York City "Rise Against Militarism, Racism and the Climate Crisis – Building Power Together" To register and for more information, please go here. https://www.unaconference2020.org/registration Speakers include: Ann Wright (Veterans for Peace and Code Pink), Ajamu Baraka (Black Alliance for Peace), Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report), … Read more
  • Committee No Guerra No Nato to the counter summit in response to the Nato summit in London
    https://youtu.be/IkkZqOWiZsE On November 30th several "No Nato" European organizations  met in response to the NATO summit of 3rd and 4th December. Italy was represented by Jean Toschi M. Visconti of Committee No Guerra No Nato.